BCS Overland Park – Reports On New Federal Initiatives To Fund Green Jobs Education

New federal government initiatives have been put in place to stimulate the growth of green jobs, according to http://www.bcskansas.com [BCS] Overland Park Kansas.

The federal government has recently committed $500 million for training programs for green jobs.  Some community colleges are offering two year degrees in environmental management and certifications for managers who want to add green qualifications to their professional profiles.  Some professionals have been applying their own pressure with complaints that more training and certification programs are needed.

According the Overland Park Kansas firm of BCS, not only are companies beginning to look at green collar jobs; green initiatives; and environmental opportunities, but institutions of higher learning are also focusing on management programs and training to help meet the demand for green educated management professionals.

One Oregon based community college, seeing a demand for managerial candidates has accelerated their two-year program with help from federal money.   They are beginning a trial program that allows students to earn an energy management degree with fewer academic requirements. Students there may receive a $2500 tuition credit for green courses.

New York State Senator Schumer has managed to garner an appropriation of $500,000 for one of his states institutions.  The Overland Park Kansas firm of BCS feels that the trend will soon move to Kansas.  A spokesperson for the company said, “With so much opportunity, money, and demand you will see more and more schools vying for the federal funding to help.”  In Overland Park BCS says they have already heard a few complaints that sufficient training is not available.

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